Onyx w/ Faceted Labradorite Bead Bracelet

Onyx w/ Faceted Labradorite Bead Bracelet

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Product Type: Beaded Bracelet (6mm)

Material: Onyx, Hematite, Labradorite 

Onyx is known for inner strength, focused attention, willpower and self-mastery. It also known for it highly protective properties such as shielding one's mind and body from negative energy. Not only does it protects the wearer from negative energy but also helps release any negative emotions and brings good fortune. 

Hematite is known for grounding. It can counteract spaciness and confusion, helping one to see practical concerns and move forward with useful action. Carrying or wearing Hematite can assist one in bringing one's dreams and aspirations into reality. It is the stone of manifested union between spirit and the world.

Labradorite the stone of "magic" and transformation. It can help the wearer become aware of mental and intuitive abilities such clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, prophecy, psychic reading, access to the Akashic records, past-life recall and communication with higher guides. Its healing properties helps one disconnects from any tendencies to attempt to control others, while one bonds deeply with knowledge that self-mastery is the path of true fulfillment. 

 *Gemstones are all natural, color may slightly vary.*