About Us

Hello, my name is Victoria, and I am the founder of Enlightenment Jewel. Spiritual enlightenment has been part of my life's journey for over 15 years. At the beginning of my journey, I was gifted an amethyst stone which changed my life completely. Amethyst has a frequency that helps get rid of bad habits. It also brings wisdom and tranquility. This stone enlightened me to the spiritual world.    Having a spiritual life help me understand who I am and brought clarity to seeking and finding my life purpose. Before my spiritual growth, I was lost, depressed and had no direction. Building a relationship with crystals and working on my spiritual growth has help me leave people who no longer served me. I began to experience the importance of self-love, self-healing, and self-understanding. Because I choose this path, I was able to go to college, received  my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. I love science and spirituality. There is a connection between science and crystals. Enlightenment Jewel was created to inspire and demystify the crystal world. By spiritual growth and crystal healing, we can manifest life we want, the healing we need, and the love we all deserve.
~Healing the world one heart at a time~ 
Please feel free to contact me through email for any questions, custom-made jewelry, and any teaching you would like to see in my free webinars. 
Email: info@enlightenmentjewel.com