About Us

Hello, my name is Victoria, and I am the founder of Enlightenment Jewel. I have  on the path of spiritual enlightenment for over 15 years. At the beginning of my journey, I was gifted an amethyst stone which change my life completely. Amethyst helps break bad habits, brings wisdom and tranquility. It enlightened me to the spiritual world and self-healing. Understanding who I truly am and opening my mind to find my life purpose. Before my spiritual growth I was heading in the wrong direction in life, and if I had continued down that path, I would have ended up homeless or in another bad situation. Building a relationship with crystals and working on my spiritual growth has help me leave people who no serve me, self-love, self-healing, and self-understanding. Because I choose this path, I was able to go to college, obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. I love science and math, always have when I in highschool. And spirituality is like science as well as crystals. My success has touch so many people in my life. Friends and family always saying, " You inspire me, Victoria!"  That is most satisfying in the feeling in the world to inspire someone to do more with their life, to help them in the right direction, to heal and solve problems. So, I wanted to create a space to teach about crystals, spiritual healing to help inspire more people.  I want to teach the truth that we are in control of our lives and anything we don't like about it we have the power to change it. By spiritual growth and crystal healing, we can manifest life we want, the healing we need, and the love we all deserve. 
Enlightenment Jewel. 
~ Healing the world, one heart at a time. ~
Please feel free to contact me through email for any questions, custom jewelry, and any teaching you would love to see in my web seminars. 
Be Blessed!
Email: Lotusvisions11@gmail.com