Howlite/ Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet

Howlite/ Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet

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Product Type: Beaded Bracelet

Material: Lava, Howlite

Lava Stone is known for its grounding abilities. It great grounding the root chakra and can help shed unneeded emotional attachments and bring rebirth. Can be used to calm emotions and reflect negativity. Lava Stone allows the wearer the opportunity for stability in life.
 Howlite the "tranquility stone",helps relieve rage, anger and protection from anger from others directed towards the wearer. Its healing properties brings calmness, patience and balance of emotions. Spiritually, this stone can help connect to higher consciousness. It can be used to open and prepare one's mind to receive positive energies and wisdom. Great stone for meditation seeking inner guidance.
 *Gemstones are all natural, color may slightly vary.*